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html - certain images wont show up in codepen, but do show up in we3schools

i am trying to put an image in my document at codepen. for some reason it shows the link as broken, yet it shows up if i try to load the image into the browser , or even in w3schools frame.

here is a link to the code, https://codepen.io/richardengle/pen/rNMRzzE here is the image that wont show in codepen, but will show in the browser and also in w3schools http://ryanspickapart.com/images/credit-card-icons.png

here is the code - note that the second image[dog] shows up fine... why wont the other image show here?

<img src="http://ryanspickapart.com/images/credit-card-icons.png" alt='image wont load'>
<img src='https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1513639725746-c5d3e861f32a?ixlib=rb-1.2.1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=300&q=80' alt='image works fine' >

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1 Answer

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The SSL certificate used to sign HTTPS connections to ryanspickapart.com was granted to picknpullsa.com.

If you attempt to access ryanspickapart.com via HTTPS, your browser may warn you about this mismatch:

connection security warning

And may refuse to download assets:

loading error message

This is not a problem when you are accessing the content via HTTP since the certificate is not used. Codepen is likely enforcing that you access assets via HTTPS.

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